About Muus Art and Chris

Everyone needs a hobby.

If you’re lucky, you could earn from it and if you’re not, you could still destress yourself while remaining mentally productive.

And that’s what Art does.

Muus Art is a blog and online resource center for all things art including illustrative art, digital art, NFT-based art, traditional paintings, pencil, and charcoal drawings.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist, we offer something for everyone.

Our tutorials are easy to follow and are designed to help you learn new techniques, improve your skills, and experiment with new mediums.

We also offer premium paid resources and printables that will take your artwork to the next level. With Muus Art, you’ll have everything you need to learn about illustrative art and start creating beautiful pieces of your own.

Founded in 2021, Muus Art’s mission is to inspire everyday artists to learn about this noble, satisfying hobby and enjoy while at it.

When you become part of our Muus Art community, you’ll receive plenty of in-depth articles designed to share inspiring ideas, teach you the principles of drawing, and help you become a better artist.

Hey there!

My name is Chris aka Muus – the founder of this blog and I love to draw. I’ve never attended art school, but I taught myself how to draw and paint by studying the work of other artists. What began as a personal creative outlet has turned into a mission to inspire others to learn the same.

In fact, when I’m overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities of running my businesses, I always turn to drawing as a way of decluttering my mind. And this is my safe space where I share my resulting works.

My hope is that through this blog, I can inspire others to learn to draw and enjoy it as much as I do.

Most importantly, I’m not an expert – in fact, I’m still learning myself. But that’s the beauty of art – you can always learn more. And that’s what I hope to teach here at Muus Art.

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